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Le-Referencement has a new article up and it is quite informative. It is an update on the Affordable Care Act.

Lower for this year

The article points out that the premiums for health insurance that is employer-based health insurance in the first 5 months of 2014 are the lowest than premiums have been in over 16 years.

Anxiety is gone

There has been a lot of anxiety with those having employer covered amounts would be too costly to sustain but that worry is no more. The market does seem to have made the anxiety go away by stabilizing and bring down the payments.

Survey by Kaiser Family Foundation

The first calming sign was a survey done by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Education Trust. This survey with over 2000 small and large employers focuses on the larger market of 150 million Americans who get insurance paid by their employers.

2014 Survey

This 2014 survey, with results released this week, showing that annual premium of healthcare at work averaged a family coverage of $16,834 this year, up only by a small 3 percent from 2013. This showed that the average workers paid $4,823 of the cost, while the employer paid an average $12,011. The premiums averaged per plans that cover the worker only was $6,105 with the employee paying $1,081 of that amount.