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We are a website that reviews other websites and these reviews then are posted on our website Today we are reviewing the website Le.referencement-ch which we will give a website ranking to by using site traffic and other metrics to determine what it is.

 Knowledge Base

We at have a knowledge base that lets you share data from your website or any website with specific information; thus eliminating the  time that is lost searching for data across diverse systems for example the sub pages or inner pages of websites.

 Easy to monitor

 We make it easy to track your site traffic for other pages on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you know how successful your website is, the times that are busiest and what direction your site seems headed to.

 Data from site traffic

 This is information that every website wants to know but often doesn’t have the time to do it on a daily basis.We also will gather information on the search engines that site traffic is coming from to reach your website as well as what keywords are currently used the most. This type of information helps you to focus on certain things when further developing your site.